This piece was inspired by Venus, the roman goddess of youth and beauty. One of the most well known facts about her was that she emerged from the sea, which so beautifully was pictured by Sandro Botticelli in his iconic painting “The Birth of Venus”. While designing this piece i wanted to reflect it in some way, so I’ve used deep turquoise color to represent the sea and the silver – the color of the sea foam. I wanted to create the impression that the necklace “emerge” from the sea waves, and declares itself in all of it’s dazzling beauty and brilliance..just like Venus did. This is an absolutely show-stopping piece, sumptuous and opulent will be best for a special occasion or festive event when you want all eyes on you. It took me around 40 hours to make this item and you can see the scrupulous attention to details and the rich handmade embellishment. You will feel like a goddess in this exceptional design!

* due to different screen settings and photo editing colors may be slightly different. If you have any questions or for more information, please contact us