I’ve been successfully practicing Tarot for 4+ years now. My main focus is to help you to resolve and navigate questions within your business, finance, career, relationship, personal development. Tarot session is about getting an alternative point of view, a different perspective . This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are an open minded individual, tarot just might reveal it’t true power to you. I’s a ‘thinking outside the box’ tool to get the additional information, which can become an important component in a decision making process. 

What is Tarot cards?

How do they work?

Typical Tarot cards is a deck of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent life’s karmic and spiritual lessons, and the 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis. Each card has its own meaning, but I believe, the most powerful way to read Tarot, is by channeling my intuition and inner wisdom. Role of cards, is to reveal a message. My role as a reader, is to translate and deliver it, to help you to make positive changes or warn you. So you can navigate better, be prepared and manifest your goals and dreams.  

Let’s address the elephant in the room:

Can Tarot predict the future?

There is no simple answer to that. It’s the matter of opinion and perception, and different readers will give you different answers. In my opinion Tarot shows the most probable outcome for the time of reading. Meaning they can show where things are heading. But future isn’t chiseled in stone, it’s fluid and ever changing, for that reason some predictions are coming true and some doesn’t. I also believe that the outcome of the reading depends on the attitude of the client. I have clients who consult with me on a frequent basis, they are true believers, and tarot are usually very generous and revealing to them. On the other hand when I have a client who is skeptical…well, I’ve seen it go both ways, ether consultation would surprise and impress and as a result – ‘convert’ them, or cards will be very laconic and vague, and will not provide expected results. Ether way, I believe, we can receive information through multitude different outlets, tarot just one of them. I’ve seen an astonishing predictions with the incredible accuracy as well as unclear and illusive and as a result- disappointing. The bottom line – tarot isn’t for everyone, and It all comes to your open mindedness and willingness to believe. But you’ll never know unless you’ll try! In the end it always will be a unique and memorable experience.

What type of questions can you ask?

Can tarot answer any question?

I believe tarot can give you answers practically to anything…this way or another. Past, present and future. Of course in most cases, clients want to know what’s coming, but if there is a situation in the past, that needs to be clarified in order to get closure or to be able to move on and let go – Tarot can do that too. What comes to the subject of a question- It is depends on the reader in most cases, everyone selects their specialty. Personally I prefer to stay away from finding missing persons, criminal cases, conspiracy theories, politics, predicting gambling results and in depth physical health readings. What I do specialize on:

  • Business 
  • Carrier 
  • Money
  • Relationship
  • See probable outcome for certain actions
  • General “what’s coming” readings
  • Readings about you or someone you personally know
  • If you don’t see the topic you wish to clarify here, please feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I’ll be able to help you with it

What can I ask?

Watch this video to get an idea or inspiration!

" TAROT is a perfect tool to find purpose, meaning and clarity"

There are so many readers...

How to choose “YOURS”?

Finding your Tarot consultant (no matter if it’s for a one time reading or for a long term) can be challenging, because there are so many and each one claims to get you the best results. Truth to be told, in fortune telling, just like any other regular profession, there are those who do it very well, there are those who do it very bad, and all in between. Some has a real intuitive talent, some approaching tarot as a science and diligently study all possible meanings and combinations and some just like to play in “fortune tellers”. I think, whichever it might be, if you get results, nothing else matters, but if you are still on the market and shopping around, here are some of my suggestions: 

  • If possible, check them out online. This days many readers have a website, social media account of YouTube. See how you feel about the person, what type of energy you getting from them. No matter how great and professional reader is, if there is no “match” they, probably, will not be able to deliver their best, because you aren’t open to them. So look for reader you like and get a good positive vibes from. I believe the better personal connection there is between you and your reader, the better results you’ll get. 
  • Second, if they do online “pick a card” readings, on social media or YouTube, this is the best way to test if you like their style. Just watch them to do a couple of readings and it should be pretty clear if you want a private reading with them or not. You can check out my general readings here on this page, just scroll down. 

Am I a reader for you?

In order to determine that, firs I want to ask you “why do you want to get a reading?” I treat tarot seriously. It’s a powerful tool which can help to determine what should be your next step, reveal important aspects, clarify difficult situation, give advice and inspiration for action. I don’t perform readings “for fun” out of respect for the craft. As a reader I will never tell you what to do, even sometimes I’ve been asked to do it. Taro can provide a powerful message, and my job is to translate and deliver it to you, and it can help navigate in the situation. But, in the end, decision of  what type of action to take – is all up to you! You are a creator of your life. I am a reader for you, If you are an open minded person, who realizes that universe is abundant and much needed information can be delivered through many outlets. Tarot is just one of them. You just have to be open to it and ready to hear it.

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