Most people this days are already questioning the ‘status quo’ of their life, relationships and personal wellbeing. Starting to look for an alternative, better ways to how live their lives, find harmony, happiness and inner peace.

 This is how I can help you on this journey!

Have you ever felt like…

You alone in the whole world and that no one will ever understand you.

Unwanted, unimportant and taken for granted.

You have no control over your life and universe is against you.

You don’t feel attractive and desired.

You feel like a looser.

Suffering and disappointment – are constant part of your life.

Relationships brings you more pain than joy.

You never get your needs met by your partner.

You can’t keep a long term relationship even you are really trying.

You can’t get your partner to commit to you.

You want to be in a relationship but for the various reasons it’s just not happening.

You attract the same type of people who hurt you but you don’t know why, and how to change it.

You set goals but you are failing to achieve them.

You don’t know who you are anymore.

Overall you have a good life, but you don’t feel happy and content.

You get tired of being someone who others wants you to be, but you don’t know how to be yourself without fear of being rejected.

Can’t find common grounds with your parents or/and children.

Get tired from all the negativity in the world…


… I know how every one of those feels. Years of struggle prevented me from being happy, grateful and loving and all of the other things which gurus are keep telling us we supposed to be. At some point of my life I was so physically exhausted and emotionally drained that I couldn’t continue living like this, so something had to change. Unfortunately, I didn’t really knew how to do it. And how could I?

I was an average child, born in an average family, had an average childhood, school, college, than I got married. My life was pretty common. Since the young age I loved to draw and was allured by fashion, so becoming a fashion designer was my ultimate dream, which I tried to go after….Just like everyone around me I got occupied with the daily tasks and had a pretty common goals. Maybe the only difference was my interest in psychology and metaphysics. But since nobody I knew was into that, I kept it to myself and left it as a hobby on the side. For a few years of my life I was pretty happy, until I started to have issues in my marriage, later followed by divorce. I was devastated to say at leas. All that I knew, all my plans and dreams for the future was gone out of the window. I was left with nothing. At the time I felt like a shell of a human being, completely demolished inside. I was lost..I’ve started torturing my body by under-eating and over exercising, which created an illusion of some sort of control, but led to an eating disorder an extreme weight loss. I was depressed and had no hope for the brighter future. That was the most difficult two years of my life, but absolutely precious because I wouldn’t be this person I am today, without going through all the pain and suffering I’ve experienced.

It was a time of self-discovery, opening my mind to a new information and new ideas. With the new found knowledge I was able to pick myself up and rebuild into much greater version of myself. I’ve become a new person. Happier, healthier, I’ve developed a passion for life. It was a magical transformation. Although it didn’t happen overnight,  it took time. And by this day I continue to work on myself and improving because I’m a great believer that you should never stop growing.

At some point I felt, that since I’ve achieved such a success for myself on the path of self-development, I should share my knowledge and experience with others. Shorty, I started to meet random people with the issues that I used to have and now I was able to share my own experiences and help them. Each time it is such a joy to see that you adding something to someone else’s life. So this is the purpose of this site and a work I’m doing. Spread the word, help or simply add a new perception on a problem you may have.

Why do you need spirituality in your life?

We are a combination of a mind, body and soul. To maintain a health body, I’m eating raw, and to maintain a healthy mind and soul I practice spirituality and self-development. It has been a true passion of mine sine a young age. Now, we all might have different set of beliefs about this world and ourselves, but we all want to be happy and loved, and that it was spirituality provides. A path to love yourself, first of all, and ones achieved, it’s so much easier to love others and your environment. When you have love in your heart it’s easy to overcome an obstacle, it’s easy to fight fears and doubts, it’s easy to practice acceptance, it’s easy to be happy. The only thing that’s not easy is to always have love in your heart. That’s what spirituality is for. Just like you train your body to be stronger, you can train your heart. I’ve been doing it for a very long time now, and it has been such a dramatic change for the best.  And it’s my truest desire to share this knowledge and support others on their path.

Thoughts, beliefs and Law of Attraction

Our thoughts have a significant impact on our life. In the end it is energy, and everything around us consists of it. By practicing certain thoughts and beliefs we are attracting corresponding events and experiences in our life. As example, if you think that there are lots of bad drivers, your mind will pick up on every occasion which testifies to it. By getting more and more “proofs” to your thought, with time it will become a belief. Because believe is – a thought that we are practicing continuously, so it starts to run in our mind on autopilot. And with that law of attraction will continue bring more and more manifestation to serve our beliefs. Same goes for money, relationship, career, health..well every aspect of our life. We all have a multitude of different beliefs, some serve us and some works against us. The good news is, we can change the ones which doesn’t serve us by simply deactivating or changing them. The challenge is to recognize them. Some beliefs was adopted in the early stages of our life and are so deeply embedded in our minds, that they are appear native to us. Probably the fastest way to find and deactivate them, is to work with spiritual advisor or coach such as myself. But, of course, there are tools and techniques which will help you to manage it on your own. I will be sharing those techniques soon in one of my upcoming videos on my YouTube channel.

What to expect from the consultation?

My main goal is to help, to guide, to navigate.  To help you overcome obstacles which keeping you from achieving your goals and desires. It might be attracting much desired career opportunity, a satisfying number in your bank account, finding an inspiration or innovative idea, getting a loving relationship with the person of your dreams, achieving a desired physical shape and wellbeing. You deserve to be happy  and experience joy in any aspect of your life on a daily basis. It is my part to find those obstacles which prevent you from getting experiences you desire, and guide you around them so you can finally live the life of your dreams. 

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