Public speaking to me is the best way to deliver value to multiple people at the same time. I love having one on one consultations, which allows me to find a deeper connection with the client, truly understand their unique situation and tailor the most effective solution. I wish I’d had time and ability to talk to each person who seeks guidance, but the truth is, we are more alike then we think and so many share the same questions, looking for the same answers. I love how through public speaking I’m not only able to reach so many at the same time, to service and help, but also create a sense of unity in the audience through various group practices as well as simply interacting with it members. Public speaking is my true passion, and I celebrate every chance to be able to speak online or live and see it as an opportunity to inspire and uplift.

Invite me to speak at:

Radio, TV, podcast and other media interviews

I’ll bring your audience a unique perspective on how to implement spirituality and positive mindset of success into their day-to-day life. How to be more intuitive and trust your inner guidance, and develop an attitude of positivity and abundance.

Corporate events and conferences

I’ll inspire your company with a talk on leadership and goal-setting mindset. Encourage initiative and ‘think outside the box’ creative solutions. I’ll particularly emphasize on the importance of communication, embracing each other differences and unique abilities in order to successfully collaborate and create a productive work environment. 

Masterclasses and other educational modules

I can attend or host an online or live event on various different topics. Bussiness, self-development, money , relationship or other, tailored specifically to your audience or business. 

Press kit will be available soon.

For any information, questions and inquiries, please  contact here.