A diet created by Mother Nature herself!

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I’ve been raw vegan for the past 6+ years

Here is my story
(very short version)

I’ve been living without meat for over 15 years now. My journey started as a vegetarian, then vegan and for the past 6+ years I’m raw. I have to say it was quite a journey to find my own “perfect” diet. I’ve tried juicing, intermediate fasting, long term fasting, mono diet, “one fist” diet (when your single meal is the size of your fist) ..ant these are just on top of my mind. I have to say it took me quite a few trial and error to learn how to listen to my body and find what works for me. I took all the experience I’ve gained, and finally figure out what works for me, not to mention all the benefits I’ve gained. Achieving and easy maintenance of my perfect weight, beautiful skin, abundance of a vital energy, strong healthy body and calm centered demeanor. Since then I haven’t look back and extremely happy with my eating habits.

I’m so excited to share my RAW lifestyle experience so others can benefit from it as well! It has become such a natural part of my life, that often I forget how different and sometimes odd it may seem to other people. Here are most common questions I get.

What is raw diet?

Basically it’s everything that Mother Nature provides which can be consumed in raw (uncooked) form. This is the main difference from a vegan diet, which is plant – based foods but can be cooked and processed in any way or form as long as it doesn’t include any animal-sourced ingredients. So what’s wrong with cooking your food? Nothing really. The main argument is that any raw food that gets heated to the temperature over 115 F (46 C) is loosing it’s natural enzymes which are very helpful with digestion. Also, in a process of cooking food may loose partially or completely it’s nutritional value. So the main idea – when you consume food in its raw, original form – it’s the most nutritious and beneficial for your body. So why not to consume only the best!

What do you eat on a raw diet?

Anything you can consume in its raw form, such as raw fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, sprouts (uncooked beans and legumes), roots, root vegetables, fresh herbs, raw spices and seaweeds.

The next list might be a subject of discussion for some raw followers. Depending of how strict you want your diet to be, and if you are willing to consume food which has been processed in some way ( not by heat) , you may also enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Some include ( so I as I do) herbal teas, which can be made by brewing, but I just make mine as everyone else with a hot water. You can also consider using  cold-pressed oils, unprocessed olives, raw nut “milks”, fermented foods such as miso, kimchee and sauerkraut ( my favorite), pure maple syrup, unpasteurized raw soy sauce (nama shoyu), dried fruits and vegetables ( which I eat all the time, just make sure to check the ingredients list before buying), vinegar and foods cured in vinegar, unprocessed raw cacao (raw chocolate) – which is ideal, but might be difficult to course, so I often use just a regular baking cacao.

Where do you get protein?

Ahhh..the most asked question ever! That’s pretty simple, from everything I eat. Fruits and vegetables has protein, but the most of it, I believe, comes from nuts, seeds and leafy greens I consume on a daily basis. Think about it, the largest animals- elephants, horses, cows- all eat grass and leafs. There are lots of plant-based protein in greens and it digest by our body way better then the animal-based protein. The irony is that lots of people believe that most protein consists in meat. Meat of what animals does humans consume? Herbivores! The ones which eat only greens… something to think about.  

Raw for weight loss

Raw food is a great option for weight control. Leave calories counting in the past! With this lifestyle You can eat delicious food as much as you want and when you want without concern of getting weight. Raw food has much lesser caloric density then a processed cooked animal-based food, so loosing those extra pounds becomes very easy and effortless as well as maintaining your desired weight. No need to be hungry anymore, enjoy tasty large raw vegan meals and see how your body beautifully transforms and improves with all the nourishment it needs.

Raw for beauty

I’ve seen a significant improvement with my skin, nails and hair after becoming raw. I get compliments on my skin very often and on the fact that I’m looking younger then my age. Although I have to say, a few components contribute to that, eating raw and drinking lots of water are the major ones. If you are thinking about becoming raw, I want to note a few things based on my own experience. 

After going raw,  your skin might get worse for a short period of time ( few months). As an example, you might get an unusual breakouts. Some say it’s a part of “detoxification” which experienced by so many when they are going raw. The reason I’m mentioning it, I had that too, and after only a few months everything has gone away by itself and the quality of my skin became better then ever. Again, I have to point out at the importance of drinking lots of water. Same goes for hair and nails. At the beginning you might see more then usual hair fall out or your nails might break easily. I’ve had that too, and I have to say, even though I did lost a considerable amount of hair at the beginning, with time my hear grew back fuller and better than I ever had in my entire life, same goes for my nails. If you experienced the decrease in skin appearance, hair loss and fragile nails for longer then 4-6 months, it might be a sign that you don’t do raw diet correctly and your body doesn’t get enough nutrition. I’d suggest you to have a blood work done, so you’ll know exactly what’s missing and consume more foods which has those nutrients or take supplements. 

I’m not promising that raw lifestyle will make  you forever young, but if done correctly, it will be highly beneficial for your beauty and overall wellbeing.

Raw for finding inner balance and spirituality

Last but not least. With raw lifestyle you might find that your overall attitude towards life has changed. You’ve become calmer, much more at ease and gain a positive outlook on your surrounding. Raw food is a high frequency food and it’ll help ground you and increase your energy potential.  People on the path of self development, meditation, energy practices can highly benefit from this lifestyle. 

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