Color customization and Custom order


Each Yuliana Chi’s item is custom made per order (unless listed otherwise), which provides freedom to customize.

Love the design but would prefer it in another color? No problem. Your item will be custom made based on the design you’ve selected, so you’ll have the freedom to customize your item and choose the color theme for your piece. There are many color options available for you to choose from. For some pieces you can also choose main elements- crystals, semi-precious stones or other available options. Please keep in mind this option is available only for some designs. You can specify all your preferences in the process of ordering your item. If you have any additional questions or want more information, please contact us.

How to order? Simply use contact form to let us know which design you wish to order and we will guide you from there.

INPORTANT: selected design may look somewhat different in another color due to usage of different materials to match the chosen color scheme. Please remember that each Yuliana’s item is custom made unique work of art and an expression of a designer idea. You can see an example of that below

Siren in Black



Dryad at Midnight


You can order a special design made exclusively for you. Please contact us and you can get all the additional information.