I was always fascinated by the legend of Atlantis, the mythical island inhabited by an advanced human race. Officially it is a fictional place but many convinced that it has been a real island that went under water in Atlantic ocean. Real or not it has been an inspiration for many artist though the years, literature, music, visual arts…and i wasn’t an exception. This piece is my interpretation of this mythical city. Whimsical shapes, variety of materials an textures – copper elements, gold-sand, rhinestones and crystals, creating an intricate patters and structure. I wanted this piece to have a geometrical, “architectural” feel, almost a city-like. This exqusite necklace will become a stunning, eye-catching, intricate accent to any attire.

* due to different screen settings and photo editing colors may be slightly different. If you have any questions or for more information, please contact us