Hi, I’m Yuliana Chi

Los Angeles based spiritual adviser, speaker, tarot reader, raw vegan, photographer and jewelry designer.

I’ve dedicated all my life to self-development and helping others to overcome difficult situations, inspiring for a great changes, better health, discovering their inner and outer beauty. What can I do for you?

Spiritual adviser

My main goal is to help. To help you overcome obstacles which keeping you from achieving your goals and desires. It might be attracting much desired career opportunity, a satisfying number in your bank account, finding an inspiration or innovative idea, getting a loving relationship with the person of your dreams, achieving a desired physical shape and wellbeing. You deserve to be happy  and experience joy in every aspect of your life on a daily basis. My role is to help you find obstacles which prevent you from getting those experiences, and guide around it so you can finally live the life of your dreams. 
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Public speaker

Public speaking to me is the best way to deliver value to multiple people at the same time. I love having one on one consultations, which allows me to find a deeper connection with the client, truly understand their unique situation and tailor the most effective solution. I wish I’d had time and ability to talk to each person who seeks guidance, but the truth is, we are more alike then we think and so many share the same questions, looking for the same answers. I love how through public speaking I’m not only able to reach so many at the same time, to service and help, but also create a sense of unity in the audience through various group practices as well as simply interacting with it members. Public speaking is my true passion, and I celebrate every chance to be able to speak online or live and see it as an opportunity to inspire and uplift. Learn more

Tarot cards reader

To me tarot is a ‘thinking outside the box’ tool to get the additional information, which can become an important component in a decision making process. I’ve been successfully practicing Tarot for 4+ years now. My main focus is to help my clients resolve and navigate questions within business, finance, career, relationship, personal development. It is about delivering an alternative point of view, a different perspective . This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are an open minded individual, tarot just might reveal it’t true power to you. 
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Raw vegan

My path to Raw started 15 years ago, from besoming a vegetarian, then vegan and for the past 6 years I’m practicing raw lifestyle. It has been a tremendous experience and I’m beyond grateful for all the amazing changes which was activated by changing my diet. I always eager to share my experience and knowledge to inspire others to make a step towards health and physical wellbeing. As an living  example, among many, I can show how adjusting your mindset and diet preferences can entail amazing changes not just within your body but within other areas of your life as well.
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Artist + Photographer

I’ve been a photographer and educator for over 5 years. My main focus was always set on glamour portraiture, editorial beauty and fashion. At some point of my career as a professional photographer I’ve discovered a creative self-portrait, which has become an important part of my identity as an artist. Regardless of me dedicating most of my time to speaking and consultation, I currently offer a few spots available for a portrait shoot. All the additional information on packages and prices you can find here. You can see my portfolio here. My artistic self-portrait account here. My YouTube channel dedicated to photography education is here.

Jewelry designer

Art and creativity always was an important part of my life. From early age I loved drawing, sketching and designing. Naturally, when the time came to choose a future profession I’ve chose a fashion design. While studying, I’ve discovered an intricate technique of jewelry making which combines hand embroidery techniques, textile and gemstones. In over 14 years period I’ve perfected the craft and created an extensive collection of unique “work of art” pieces which can be purchased on demand. For more information on collection and purchasing, please contact me.

Want a consultation with me?

I’m here to listen and to help. As part of being a spiritual guide I also specialize on working with energy and guided meditations. I’ve been involved in spiritual growth and self development for over a decade acquiring and testing multiple techniques for developing clarity in life, happiness and achieving desired goals. If you feel struggle in personal relationship, career, finding happiness – I’m here to help and to guide you towards joy and fulfillment. I’m not only eager to share this knowledge but also my intuitive skills as a Tarot reader to help you find a better understanding about what choices to make, what direction to take, how to act in certain situation as well as use it as a tool for preventing unwanted events. 

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