The expression “Haute couture” originally comes from French and in literal translation means  ‘high sewing’, ‘high dressmaking’. It’s a creation of exclusive custom-made high-end clothing and accessories.

Every item in YulianaChi’s collection is a unique design, constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality, often unusual materials and sewn with extreme attention to detail by designer herself. In order to create any of hers couture jewelry item, Yuliana uses various hand-executed techniques in the process. It is extremely time-consuming and creates a very limited order capability. Each item is a work of art and requires time to emerge and come about.


Meet Designer

Yuliana Chi is a Ukrainian born award-winning jewelry and fashion designer based in Los Angeles. She started her journey as a jewelry designer while studying fashion design in Istanbul and since then has been creating her jewelry for the past 15 years, developing her unique style and signature look.
In her work she gets her inspiration from colors and materials she uses. One of her most favorites are semi-precious stones and colorful Swarovski crystals which are heavily used in her designs. She uses an intricate and extremely time consuming techniques of a hand embroidery to create her pieces with a stunning combination of a textile and various materials, which she scouted in different countries all over the world. Some of her best creations you can discover here

DUCHESS Necklace

Lavish and opulent statment necklace. Created with large amethyst elements and crystal embellishment 


Decorative belt in turquoise and lavender, heavily decorated with Swarovski crystals for mega sparkle. Can be used as a statement hair band

AZURA Earrings

Stunning long tassel earrings in turquoise green color with green zoisite element